Customer Profiling and B2B/B2C Sales and Marketing Planning with
Jamie Allan

Customer profiling and smart B2B/B2C Sales and Marketing Planning is a vital part of any business. When you know who your “ideal” Customers are and why they have done business with you, you have an edge to take to your market. This is where you may need help with some customer profiling and sales and marketing expertise so you have more time to work ON other areas of your business.

Customer Database Profiling and Segmentation

Who buys from the Business?

(Why, What, How Often) – USP/Differential?

How often are you in touch?

Having regular communication with your customers is vital to you understanding their needs.

80/20 split of Customers

Instigate Pareto’s law; 20% of your customers will deliver 80% of your revenue. So lets find out who these are!

Review of Products & Services

Cost v Profit, Sales Cycles, Upsell and Cross sell options, Typical Customer profile

Sales Strategies

Planning to maximise Return on Investment.

Referral Programmes

Have your customers work for you as they sing your praises and promote your product and service.


T – Top Down

Senior Management involvement is vital to the success of getting activity happening for new marketing campaigns.

H – Holistic

Marshalling the “troops”.  The whole business is involved in sales; without sales there is no business. The mission, vision and values of the business must be clearly understood.

I – Innovation

Inspiring new ideas, new processes, adapting campaigns, and being DIFFERENT.  If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get the same results.

N – Next Generation

Keeping up to date with and how to take advantage of technology. Make the Internet happen for you.

G – Goal Orientated

Focus on what the business needs to sell; test campaigns and ideas, review and deploy. Remember that you need to create a desire and an emotion  in your products and services so people WANT to buy from you.

S – Simplicity

Keep it Simple; keep reports short and succinct; keep messages easy to understand. Job Done!


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